Video Gallery (old)



This is the main event of this website: the video archive.

This is every single uploaded film made by coolernow123. It takes a while to load, but it is worth the wait. (idiots.exe is not included. If you’re looking for that, use the link above.) Enjoy.


Organized from stopmotion or not; # of seasons; oldest to newest.

GCB Stopmotions Season 1: The Beginning

Accidental Demolition

Angiru 007


Drawing Wars


Imposter! 2

The Paparazzi


Imposter! 3

Fifa Cup!


Internet Power!

Drawing Wars 2

Mr. Cubic

Nasako’s Adventure

Zombies! 2

I Spy!

Random Shorts

True Twins: Season 1 Finale

GCB Stopmotions Season 2: The Middle Ages

Random Shorts 2

Street Dancers

Random Shorts 3

in 3D

in 2D

Fist’s Bad Hair Day

Heled’s Hefty Hamburgers

in 3D

in 2D

Angiru Gets Rich

The Neighbors

The Negative Zone

4th of July Special

The Negative Zone 2

Drawing Wars 3

in 3D

in 2D


Lost in London: Extra Long Season 2 Finale

GCB Stopmotions Series 3: The Later Era

The Roommate

The Negative Zone 3

Zombies! 3

The Hurricane

The Search for Unka: A GCB Christmas Special


Who Wants Pie?

Angiru’s Cousin/Boris is Late: A Commemorative 1-Year Anniversary Video


The Magician’s Lair

Codi Gets A Job

The Magician’s Lair: Back 2 The Cave

Nasako Moves Out: Season 3 Finale

Way Down South

The Angiru Box: A Halloween Special

The Magician’s Lair 3: Under the Christmas Tree

The Magician’s Lair 3: Under the Christmas Tree

Isle of Palms







Not Stopmotions


Flight 698: Parts 1 and 2



Vehicle Test! – Lost Episode

4:15 To Nowhere

289 thoughts on “Video Gallery (old)”

    1. You know that you have to go to for gogocrazy2 to upload you, right? I don’t subscribe to him because HE WOn’T TAKE DOWN MY VIDEOS THAT I ACCIDENTALLY UPLOADED ON HIS ACCOUNT! GRRRRRR-anyway, send me the YouTube link when it’s up.

      1. OK! also i wish you had your vids on your channel. Next year I will try to make a YT account. How was it an accedental upload? huh

  1. i am Toxicroak 87’s friend, and you know, i told him he should stop listing so much stuff at once.
    PS, i am only on this site because i need inspiration for my new series

  2. attention to these people on
    chase c.
    and gogocrazy1231,
    you guys will be the people in my raffle. i will mail you guys and gals stuff like t-shirts, posters, and comics. you guys are the coolest!! 🙂 i am only doing this because i am nice.

  3. i dissaprove your video “framed!” why? because you swear in it!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, when aqua fist skates past nasako, you hear nasako say the “f” word!!!

  4. maybe you can ask your parents to take a vacation here before i move, and we can make a video together. also, i need to ask you how to make stopmotions, and tell you about a secret idea.

  5. hey, for one of my news videos, you could be live in the interview, but since we live far away from each other, you’ll need skype to be on. it tapes on 5/30/13

  6. hi im back coolernow123 I have an idea lets say angiru gets a new best friend and hangs out with him so much that codi and fist get jelious and try to get angiru back.plz get back and tell me what you think.i hope you like it.

  7. how is Flight 698 a cheply made film?
    you had to pay for…
    -and computer bills.

    1. my parents paid for





      -computer bills

      Iwould pay for



      but I didn’t; I used what I already had at home

      Ispent no money at all

      therefore, flight 698 is a cheaply made film

      1. remember me back in the day?
        i was the one who came up with who wants pie
        i have a new idea on the idea page of your blog
        you are going to Love it
        its called in confusion,war,and minecraft

      1. you’re RIGHT!!!

        however, i just hope you will blog on my upcoming site, coming January. but i said i would cancel my series because i planned it for a year and a quarter, and it’s still not up yet. i am running low on money and supplies, so i doubt i’ll be a huge success.

          1. (written in tourettes style)

            ok, i’m not going to make my FUCKING stopmotion series. instead, i’m going to SHIT sure that the ASS-KISSING audience invisions it as a PRICKY stopmotion for ages 10 and under, but it will CHODE feature CRAP violence, strong languge, film parodies, SEXuality, crude humor, and HORNY drug references. it has an animation similar to Invader Zim, and an ASSHOLE relation to DICK Figures. so, it’ll come in ASS KIMJONGUN COCK BALLS SHITHEAD CAMERA DICKFART!!!

              1. oh, and uh, in one of the episodes your logo (*the old one) will be seen as a civilian; i just wanted to ask if i could use it. the logo doesn’t get killed or molested or is homeless (well, he isn’t seen in his home much), he’s just an “extra” (read “The wimpy kid Movie diary”). ok, in one scene, he’s seen holding up a sign that says ‘create babies now!’ but that’s about it.

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