One day, I was bored, so I fooled around with some DSi software and produced this music. This project never really took off.

This is my music (aka Coolernow123 Compositions)! 100% free to download. Also check out my official music page at!!

GENESiS – My First Album!


84 thoughts on “Music”


            1. wow. and I thought will from angiru’s cousin was dumb(no offense, david). you know what’s interesting about that video? one of the songs is named after a character : fist

                1. meh. oh, dude. these words describe you.: .. there was an old farmer who lived on a rock, he sat in the meadow shaking his…

                    1. hey, dave. how’s your series coming? mine is coming in june. it’s called “gummymania”

      1. hey, man, for one of my games i’m going to use your song “AwaKEN.” it won’t be out for a good six years, but i’ll put you in the credits. OK?

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