Got an idea?

This is the original text for this page. This was where users could submit ideas for upcoming videos. But Coolernow123 Studios is closed down now.


Got an idea for my next video? Submit it on the comments section below.  Here are the complete rules:

1. You must submit ideas on this page or at my YouTube channel: Any other place you submit an idea will NOT count.

2. You CANNOT suggest a sequel to a video you already suggested for. Example: User21907 has an idea of “lol video” and it gets made. He/She CANNOT suggest “lol video 2”.


4. Disobeying any of the rules or cheating in any way will result in your idea NEVER being made EVER.


754 thoughts on “Got an idea?”

      1. dude play your top 10 video games for your series. i’m doing it for mine, here are my top 10 (i’m not saying you have to play my favorites)…

        10. Nitrome must die!
        9. Jetpack Joyride
        8. Limbo
        7. Minecraft
        6. FEZ
        5. Mutiny
        4. BattleBlock Theater
        3. Castle Crashers
        2. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine
        1. Rayman Origins.

        you don’t have to play ALL these, but at least play Rayman, since all the games you claim to be playing are indie. but comment your top 10, so we can coordinate 😀

  1. i have an idea:
    1.angiru goes to a disco party
    2.angiru is dance and talk to fist
    3.angiru goes home and see 6 zombies
    4.angiru ran away and catch a zombie
    5.the movie end at angiru goes to the home and he knows:he is dreaming.
    this is my idea

  2. angiru and fist go into an airship thinking they are going on vacation while cody is stuck home alone when it turns out the airship they go in, takes them to vietnam for WAR.oh and cody gets trapped inside minecraft.

    1. i have an idea…how about you play a game (one of the five)…

      castle crashers
      bit trip runner
      rayman origins
      Don’s Starve

      and the guys get trapped in it.

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