This was basically the digital merch page. Not only were there wallpapers, but there were other weird things, like music and a toolbar. It’s just wallpapers now though.


Right click one and click “Set as Desktop Background…” to use! It’s 100% free of charge, caffeine, fat, aspartame, nicotine, cocaine…

(NEW! Special 2020 wallpaper for 10-Year Anniversary of coolernow123!)











33 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. Coolernow123 you are my favorite Youtober/Go go crazy bones stopmotion creater. I watch your videos alot. I also can’t wait to see your Christmas video soon. I hope you have a very merry Christmas. Oh tell Comoko_ I said hi.

  2. i’m working on my logo. and i’ve designed my site. but i have not uploaded it yet. oh, when it’s out, could you mention it in one of your videos? i nedd website fans. all i want is to be like you. if you don’t want to, i understand. but a loser like me has to make something awesome and be cool for once in his life.

    1. ok, I found those on google. you know a toy you should use in your series? there called color blanks

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