Before we close down…

When I closed down my channel, I wanted everyone to keep making Gogo’s Crazy Bones stop-motions. When I launched my YouTube channel, I had started a movement of other users trying to start their own stop-motion channels about Gogo’s. At the time, the toy series had been out for a year in the U.S., and there were already other YouTube channels making videos about Gogo’s Crazy Bones, such as TheElipticTensaitchi, supereggy5, and F139HEY. All three of these channels have either closed down or moved on to other things. I was the last light to go out.

I don’t want the Gogo’s Crazy Bones community to just die out now that everyone left. There are still people discovering Gogo’s and the content people made with them. I’m going to make one more video on May 29th (6 months after closing my channel) on how to make a stop-motion. I want the video to be as thorough as possible, so I want people to ask me questions on the subject so I can put it in the video. Please leave a comment in the post below about making stop-motion animations and I will gladly answer them in the video.

See you in May!



18 thoughts on “Before we close down…”

    1. why am I asking people to ask questions before I begin?

      when i upload the video, I dont want a bunch of comments on it about certain questions, so I want people to ask them here first, such as “what camera do I use” or something

  1. Dude I’ve watched your vids forvever and you make the best vids. Peirod. You are so awesome making these videos just for us the viewers. Thanks dude, I love how you can take these crazy gogos and turn them into the funniest story ever. I’ve been collecting gogo’s a long time and when I first saw one of your videos loved them. Then clicked on anthother video and anthother, and eventulle I loved all your videos. Now I’ve reliased that the gogos website is filled with malware, I know that the gogo’s are finshed. But mabye you could make the gogos do one last final video just so I can let go of them for good.

    Your greatest fan, ****** I’m not saying my name becuse of saftey isuess

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. Unfortunately, I am very hurt at how I wanted the gogo’s community to continue forever, but it doesn’t seem like that anymore. I will release one last video along with the “how to make a stopmotion” video later this month to bring the series to an end. Once again, thank you so much for sticking with me and this channel.


      1. thank you man you don’t know how much this means to me. You’re one of my heroes. You’re the guy who got me started on youtube and got me to collect over 300 gogo’s. Anyway I know your youtube chanel is closing down but can I still keep in touch with you? You seem like an awesome guy. See ya ************ again not mentoining my name sorry. 😦

  2. hmmm….i THINK i may make a few stopmotions now and then, so thanks for training.

    but i am actually considering downloading Flash and learning to animate instead, because i plan to have graphic design as my future.

    but anyways, thanks dude, for continuing for your fans. before i go, i have a funny question…

    1. Oh man! I just finished the video…
      I’ll just tell you how I did smoothtec.
      I took an EXCESSIVE amount of photos and set each one to 0.02 seconds.
      Instead of taking 7 photos of Codi moving across the screen, I took 21. That’s how I got it to be so smooth.
      So I called it SMOOTHTEC.

      The video is gonna be uploaded soon!

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