COOLERNOW123 STUDIOS (March 31, 2010 – November 29, 2013)

I’m sorry everyone. I can’t keep COOLERNOW123 STUDIOS running. The combination of schoolwork overload, my own changing interests, and peer pressure of other people giving up Gogo’s Crazy Bones on their YouTube channels has pushed me to finally pull the plug today. It was a long and amazing run, closing in at an impressive 3-and-a-half years, 662 subscribers, 500k+ video views, and lots of impressions on people.

When I uploaded my first film, Accidental Demolition, via, I had no idea that this would become a huge thing for me. I opened a YouTube channel after making a few videos on March 1, 2012. That’s when things started to change. I kept making videos, and subscribers kept coming in. I had tons of regular fans, some who even decided to take up stopmotion animation with Gogo’s Crazy Bones themselves. I had created a community, and now, I hope that it lives on.

In the end of this video, when Angiru asks Fist where they are going, it is a message to the fans that you should not stop making Gogo’s Crazy Bones stopmotions so you can keep this whole community alive. I really don’t want something amazing like this to collapse even though I’m leaving.

Before I say my final good-bye, I need to tell you what’s going to happen to the channel. The channel (and its videos) will stay up for people to watch and browse as an archive. I will disable comments and ratings on all my videos, however, except for this one. The website will also be converted into a video-browsing archive. As for my Twitter, @coolernow123, I have decided to abandon it and change it to @robotunderscore. If you ever want to reach out to me again, go tweet to me.

Thank you all for making this an amazing and unexpected 3-and-a-half years. The world of Angiru has gone far, and it shouldn’t end here. I will remember this channel all the way to my deathbed.

See you sometime maybe,


formerly coolernow123


P.S. The song is Blind Spots by C418.


2 thoughts on “COOLERNOW123 STUDIOS (March 31, 2010 – November 29, 2013)”

  1. this cant happen. coolernow123 started my gogo career, new friends, and my you tube channel. ever since he left i was so sad i deleted my youtube account.we have to make gogos popular again to get him back.join me, and coolernow123 may come back.i may hve never met him, but he was a dear freind

    1. listen drake.

      moving on is part of life. i GUARANTEE you that one day you will get tired of gogos, but you will not get tired of your friends, which is why you keep in touch with them forever.

      dont give up on your gogos career because i did. it’s not time for you to give up yet.

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