i dont even know what im doing with my life anymore

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  1. ok, so I figured out what my game will probably be rated; T for teen, as it contains (spoiler)…..

    -blood and Gore
    -comic mischief
    -crude humor
    -drug use
    -mild language/lyrics (a song on the track is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg248PSWrCs)
    You could be our test subject for the game. i’ll send you a pack. just tell me what console…

    -WiiWare (in time)
    -or our upcoming website.

    just rate it something out of 10, and i’m sure the two words that describe the game are ‘Alcoholic Superhero.’ just say yes or no.

      1. just wanted to be sure, in case i start a series on youtube (which won’t be out for a month or two), and i get random money from someone (or something! :O ), i could assume that was the cause.

        PS, once the series comes out on youtube, don’t comment on the videos. i’m too lazy to reply, so just do it on my upcoming website, which will be called
        http://www.LochFlame789.wordpress.com. don’t click the link unless you wanna see a”site not published” pop-up.

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