i want to give up on this

just thought i might let this thought out.

more details on it coming soon

11 thoughts on “i want to give up on this”

  1. hey, dude, I realized a few games you shouldn’t play… here they are.

    Splosion man (no REAL violence)
    the Basement Collection (waste of money, since all the game are flash games)
    World of Goo (same fucking concept as Minecraft)
    Braid (The Witness looks better)
    Journey (it’s not that I don’t want you to play it, it’s just that since you don’t have a PS you can’t)

    but here are games you COULD play…

    Castle Crashers
    Super Meat Boy
    de Blob
    Rayman Origins()not just indie games

      1. hey coolernow123! want to be in mah gogo series THE BIG GAME THEORY?
        here is the instructions to make a video about it

        and here is where you tell me:

    1. like rayman origins? you will like rayman legends! oh it is great! more hero’s, awesome levels and amazing graphics!!! go on get it! (no pressure.) it’s 4 WIIU,
      XBOX 360 AND PS3 (it i9s better for WIIU because you can control Murfy properly

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