So…where’s that next video?


6 thoughts on “So…where’s that next video?”

    1. Whoa. Chill.

      Let me get something clear to you: I hate making stop motions and I would like to quit any day now, so you might as well wait for them, because soon they’ll be no more new ones.

  1. remember that game company I told you about a few months ago? well, what should it be called?
    1. BTP games
    2. Macecam games
    3. the Lionfish
    4. Flamebook, Inc
    5. Team mutantpress?
    which of these five options sounds suitable? PS, which game should I play for a series?
    1. Nitrome Must Die
    2. Monaco
    3. Rayman Origins
    4. Castle Crashers
    5. FEZ?
    (I personally would LOVE to play Rayman, but that’s just me)

    1. hmmm…

      i like the sound of team mutantpress and macecam games.

      also, you should NOT play nitrome must die, but you should play the other four.

      P.S. play monaco and castle crashers with more than one person for maximum entertainment

      1. and Rayman has 4 player action… but Monaco and castle crashers are fun. After many hours of charting, here are the games in order…
        1. Monaco
        2. Castle Crashers
        3. Rayman Origins
        4. FEZ
        5. N.M.D.
        and you only picked Monaco and castle crashers because they’re indie games. but I don’t blame you, they are awesome.

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