Photo editing is hard!

In case you’re wondering, I am busy trying to familiarize myself with the in’s and out’s of Photoshop so I can edit the photos I need to edit. This may take a bit of time, but until next time, please be patient! Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Photo editing is hard!”

  1. Dear George, this comment shall give you a heads up on my life, and maybe yours…

    My friends and I currently run a game-design club, and are thinking of turning it into an indie game business. We need a few more workers, so I thought you and your friends could join.

      1. you can make blueprints or art design. you can also make a game using Scratch, Game Maker, or (if you are smart with tech) Javacode.

  2. What are your top 10 video games? Mine are…

    10. Scribblenauts Unlimited
    9. Slender
    8. Transylmania 2
    7. Nitrome Must Die!
    6. FEZ
    5. Mutiny
    4. Battleblock Theater
    3. Castle Crashers
    2. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine
    and 1. Rayman Origins

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