Summer Announcement Video 2013


8 thoughts on “Summer Announcement Video 2013”

  1. hey, dude. I got back from DC yesterday, and I watched “Indie Game the Movie”, which helped me understand why you are in love with indie games.

    PS, nice artwork in the video.

      1. here’s a good “Yo mama” joke(sorry, I will use it in MY series, so please don’t use it): YO MAMA SO FAT…when she sat on my band equipment, she invented Paper Jamz!!!! tell me if it’s good or not 🙂

  2. PS, I know a good game to play for your series: “Castle Crashers”! yes, it is an indie game.

    oh, and which of these should I use to start a gameplay series:

    -Skywire 2,

    -Realm of the Mad God


    (I personally hope to be Realm of the Mad God, but that’s just me)

      1. but hard. here are more options…

        2.Castle Crashers

        I don’t like Braid that much, but tell me what looks good to you.

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