I got a new camera!

I got a replacement camera! It appears to be working very nicely, so keep checking back on the website’s progress bar (it’s on the right, just so you know) to stay tuned about my next video!

P.S. If you MUST know, it’s a used Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H90 in excellent condition. It’s also in red. How cute! :3

P.P.S. Check out this SUPER AMAZING TEST PICTURE! It was made with the camera ALONE. It’s available as a wallpaper on the “Downloads” page!



14 thoughts on “I got a new camera!”

  1. oh. OK.

    BTW, my parents won’t let me make a youtube, so when my website is out, can you spread the news about it? PWEEEZE? (;c

      1. so you created a youtube account without permission? What happened when your parents found out?

        BTW, will you spread the news or not? Just askin’ bro.

          1. okay. I probably can’t create a youtube account, but I know my parents are lending me a webs account. so please spread the news when my website is out.

            and you broke the 5th commandment when you lied about deleting your account.

  2. Hey, Cool. Listen, I’m starting to wonder if you’ve cancelled the game series. And you don’t seem to be installing very many updates.
    so, here’s my sneaky Youtube account plan:
    Loch_Flame789=web seies
    Boxtouchpizza= either friends’ or backup
    Jakethedeltadeva=funny neighborhood videos/ my friend’s
    Psycandy7=my little sister’s account 😀

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