Bad News! (for the ten billionth time)

I hope you have Flash Player, because the news is in video form.

16 thoughts on “Bad News! (for the ten billionth time)”

  1. what are your top 10 movies? mine are…
    10. shorts
    9. IGOR
    8. the ring
    7. aliens in the attic
    6. wreck-it ralph
    5. the incredibles
    4. harry potter and the goblet of fire
    3. anaconda
    2. harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 2
    1. cloverfield.

  2. hey, dude, I am thinking of making my series into a CGI movie when I grow up. I am the director and screenwriter. you, rina, and davecrave123 can voice the characters in it. I did not say it would be out when you wake up tomorrow. but I just hope you can take the job.

      1. if I told you you get to voice an evil angiru, would you say yes? (last part censored due to privacy issues)

        1. hmmmmmm mayyybe again.

          P.S. lol im glad you caught that. good luck spelling it. P.P.S. greek names are different by gender. if you do happen to spell it right, you’ll only find comoko_.

          1. the movie is a combination of 3 of my CGI favorites: cars, Igor, and Robots. (note: you probably have not seen “Igor”, so you might not get the script. I don’t know if you’ve seen “Robots” but I do know you’ve seen Cars). I settled on a title, too: “iGummy”

                  1. I didn’t want to see it either. I was just addicted to hotwheels as a child, so my dad got me the dvd

                    1. hey, man. you know that “yo mama” joke I told you? well, you can use it, but you have to have a notes at the bottom saying “Loch_Flame789 provided this joke. click now to go to his youtube page!” or something like that. sorry if it’s too demanding or anything… :l

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