…and the next video will be when?

If you might have noticed, there have been no plans to start a new video anytime soon. This is because I am trying to do more productive things with my life. So far, other than wasting my time on Team Fortress 2 and other Steam Client games, I have been trying to learn a program called Unity, which makes games. As you can infer, it cuts into my free time, which I use for making movies.


I can tell you two things. The first thing is that there will be NO NEW MOVIES UNTIL APRIL. DEAL WITH IT.

The next thing is what the next movie WILL be. The next movie will not be a movie made by me. It will be a movie my sister, comoko_, filmed last summer. It’s called “An Ugly Vacation,” and I hope to finish it in April.

Lastly, you may be thinking that I may not be into stop motion animation anymore. That is indeed true, because Coolernow123 Studios will soon switch from stop motion animation to game development in Fall 2014. To put it short: I will make a big, concluding stop motion in Summer 2014, and close down my stop motion series. But don’t worry! That’s not for a while.

See you next video!


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