I’m not dead, I’m busy

Okay, you guys may be worrying about me, since there is Hurricane Sandy on it’s way to murder  destroy  eradicate New York City. But don’t worry guys, I am safe where I am, which is right next to the New York Harbor. (oh dear) Sooooooo if you live in Northeastern USA and you are getting ready to camp inside your house, I hope you make it out alive to see my new Halloween Special this Wednesday! Your only clue about it is the title “The Angiru Box.” Strange, right? Things will make sense when you wake up on Wednesday and see the video in your e-mail inbox/YouTube subscription box, because the video will come out while you are sleeping (aka the night of October 30) unless you are in a different time zone than me, which you likely are.
See you soon!

P.S. Be sure to enter my raffle if you have a YouTube account! It ends on Wednesday.

(SECRET HINT: The Imposter is in it.)

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