I’m back! (with lots o’ news)

After two weeks of no internet, I am finally back! Here’s a little filler:

So, now that I am back, I will be updating the site to v 3.1!

-added a landing page

-removed ratings from pages

-updated toolbar

-added a banner


I am done tinkering around with the site, so I will make some stop mot=ions soon again. Heck, maybe I’ll be able to do something with fastanthony!

He’s in the comments and he’s a stop motion maker, too! He has a lot of stop motions, though, so it will probably take him a while for him to set up his YouTube.

Also, we’d like to welcome back epicgogogogo, a long-term fan, who was afk for a reaaaaaally long time. Welcome back, buddy!


Comokofilms is working on a little something-something, so check back for that soon!


Also, many of you are complaining to bring back Nasako. Don’t worry, he’ll be back.

Until next time!

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