My Next Video Might Be Delayed and Other News

My next video “Who Wants Pie?”, requested by Humanoid Drake, was supposed to be released today, but it might not come out because it is not done. If I can’t get it done today, it will be released later this week, along with two other planned videos. One is “Angiru’s Cousin”, sent in by “Syed” Ahmed. It was originally supposed to be “Fist’s Cousin”, but I changed it because of a supply shortage. The other upcoming video is by my younger sister, Comoko_, and it stars her favorite stuffed duck-toy, Boris, in “Boris is Late”. Screenshots are available for both videos below. Humanoid Drake and Syed will get their names in the Hall of Fame shortly after the release of these videos. See you soon!


3 thoughts on “My Next Video Might Be Delayed and Other News”

  1. Sorry I was gone too long! School was so bummed. Anyways, I’ve seen you are busy too at school. Well you might be catching my next video for the last video I made – Test Stopmotion – was about a year old now. – Hello123Vipers/TheWellMindedMe

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