Good News, Bad News, and the NYC Marathon

Hey everyone! Believe it or not, but I made this blog post with my Nintendo 3DS! However, I do have bad news: I am WAY behind my next video. (I haven’t even finished the script!) School always holds me back. But the good news is, there will be a Thanksgiving video! 100% guarenteed. Pinky-promise. I also went to the NYC Marathon! I’ll post pictures later this week. See ya!

P.S. I am considering about making a second YouTube account! 😮 Mysterious…

UPDATE: I cannot upload the photos because I accidentally deleted them! What a klutz am I!


One thought on “Good News, Bad News, and the NYC Marathon”

  1. School always holds me back too, that’s one of the reseans why I had to cancel the Halloween Special… :/ You are a hard working kid, because I’m to “lazy” I guess you could say, to make a scriped I just remember what the lines for the video are. Bye! And have fun with your Nintendo 3DS! 🙂

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