100 Subs on YouTube? Sorta…

Hello everyone, I am just a few subs away from having 100 subscribers on YouTube. When this happens, I will make Nasako stick with Angiru, Fist, and Codi forever starting next video, The Negative Zone 3. After that, Zombies! 3 will be made with credit to kitty3 who I assume is not a YouTuber. But I’ve been thinking for a while, and I realize that it’s time to introduce you to a second stopmotion series that actually has a name. I’d like you to meet the cast of UGLYDOLLHOUSE:

But while that’s in the works, I need YOU to help me think of a name for my gogo’s stopmotions. Leave submissions where I can see them. The winner will be announced in The Negative Zone 3. Until then, bye!

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