Idea Contest Opens Once Again

The idea page is open until June 28! Here are the rules:

1. You CANNOT submit ideas on this page. You must either do it at the page “Got an idea?” above or at my YouTube channel:

2. The contest will end on June 28, 2011. ANY IDEAS SUBMITTTED AFTER JUNE 28, 2011 WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

3. You CANNOT repeat an idea you entered from previous contests.

4. Disobeying any of the rules or cheating in any way (includes loopholes) result in disqualification from the contest.


P.S. Guess what? Watch the vid below and you’ll know!!


One thought on “Idea Contest Opens Once Again”

  1. Hey its me your old pal pikazac and checkey blue! I changend my name again! I am making a new website called BUT DON’T bother going there yet because ive hardly started. Any way now to the good news. Ive started making my own cartoon animations that i will put on the site once ive fineshed it. Anyway see ya soon!

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