School’s Been Holding Me Back and stuff

School's holding me back!

If you can tell by the picture above, school’s holding me back. This means fewer posts will be available, fewer movies, you know, it’s not good. Fortunantly, things will get better on spring break, which will start on the 16th. By then, things will be better hopefully. Also, I have added an idea center. This idea center is right here: When you click the link, scroll down to “Moderator”. Enter your ideas in the box, click submit, and you’re done! YOU CAN ONLY SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS ON THIS URL IF YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT. A SEPERATE URL FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT ON YOUTUBE IS HERE: Keep in mind that as of April 14, 2011, the ideas page will be closed. The next time the ideas page will return after that will be soon. One last thing: the 3DS unboxing video will be released on the week of Easter!!! YAY! NOW GO SUBMIT YOUR IDEA!!!!!

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